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The BEAUTY SALON category includes almost any product for your beauty protection and preservation you could only imagine. This big list starts from natural and organic face masks, best natural face scrubs, Russian organic face creams and acne creams, aloe face serum and best serum products for dry and oily skin.

The list goes on with anti-aging creams and masks, organic facial cleanser products and Russian natural cleansers for both oily and sensitive skin, facial toners and body/skin lotions. Your eyes, hands and nails, feet and body, hair and teeth – everything should be well protected. And we have entire selection of eye creams and serums, eye gels, organic natural lip balms, hand care, foot skin care and natural body care products to satisfy all your needs.

We also brought all the nature cosmetic oils and facial clays that are popular due to their healthy qualities.  Organic and so natural bath products naturally play your imagination. Weight loss and slimming products, anti-cellulite rollers, diet pills, herbal products to lose weight, massage products are reaching their highs in sales because our customers know how to look after themselves. 

Face Mask
28 products

Face Scrub & Peeling
13 products

Face Cream
117 products

Face Serum
17 products

37 products

34 products

Tonic, Lotion
11 products

Cosmetic oils
34 products

37 products

Personal Care
16 products

Hand & Nail Care
26 products

Foot Care
39 products

Body care
28 products

Baby Care
52 products

Hair care
212 products

Dental Care
9 products

Cosmetic clay
14 products

Weight Loss, Slimming
61 products

Massage Cabinet
12 products

Soap, Foam, Mask
9 products

Bath salt
24 products

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