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The HEALTH CARE directory is a place where all Russian remedies and tablets come all in one place. They are a great offer for those looking for familiar health care products abroad. By browsing through the category you can easily check Russian tablet prices and buy a table of your choice. For high flu seasons we have varieties of organic tinctures and drops, natural cold and flu remedies, Russian aerosols, medical sprays of types suitable either for children or for adults.

Organic essential oils are also a good offering for those looking for natural aromatherapy products that in a positive natural way impact health without pills and other remedies used in ingestion. We have an extensive selection of products for those looking for diet enhancing products. Browse Russian natural food supplements, organic vitamins, Russian herbal remedies, herbal cough and medicated syrups, aloe juices and nutrition oils to find something that will help you maintaining and improving your health. Products from medical supplies subdirectory will give you everything such as pepper plasters or pipettes you may use to help fighting deceases right at home in all natural ways. 

112 products

Essential oils
37 products

Tinctures & Drops
81 products

Medical creams, ointments
140 products

Aerosol, Spray
3 products

Cold and Flu
31 products

12 products

Food Supplements , Vitamins
56 products

Herbs, Herbal Remedies
225 products

Nutrition Oil
6 products

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